Fans react to Taylor Swift watching Travis Kelce’s game through frosty windows – “Album cover if they break up”

Travis Kelce has brought Taylor Swift to her first playoff run.On Saturday, the star tight end’s Kansas City Chiefs hosted the Miami Dolphins at Arrowhead Stadium and won 26-7. He had seven catches for 71 yards as his pop star girlfriend (and mother Donna) watched from the box.

Just as the game began, Albert Breer managed to share an image of Swift staring down below as ice formed around the window she was standing behind. Her fans now believe this will become a source for her next material.

It is no secret that Travis Kelce and his younger brother Jason are the most successful pair of brothers in the NFL right now. Their cumulative on-field accomplishments speak for themselves: three Super Bowl titles, 13 All-Pro selections, and 15 Pro Bowls.However, off the field, the two cannot be any more different: while the former has long been a bachelor, the latter is currently married and a father of three daughters.

On Saturday, hours before the playoffs began, a source for People expounded on the differences between the two, beginning with their tastes in fashion:

“Jason’s a Birkenstock (brand of sandals) guy and Travis is a Jordans guy.”

Furthermore, each brother differs in terms of how he carries himself. Jason Kelce, on one side, is a more down-to-earth man who arguably projects an “everyman” image:

“He’s a pretty intense guy but really lovable, likable and doesn’t care about appearance, doesn’t care about looks and isn’t trying to be cool or dress cool, just very salt of the earth.”