Fans Debate the Ethics of Tracking Taylor Swift’s Jet as She Lands in Kansas City

Fans of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship are feeling conflicted over a recent update involving “Tayvis.”

On Monday, Nov. 27, an Instagram account dedicated to tracking the “Karma” singer’s private jet reported that the chart topper, 33, recently touched down in Kansas City, Missouri. This, of course, indicated that Swift and her Kansas City Chiefs tight end beau, 34, were set to reunite after they were unable to spend Thanksgiving Day together.

As dedicated Swifties well know, the “Anti-Hero” artist has been on the South American leg of her Eras tour, which faced an unexpected tragedy due to extreme weather conditions.

Thus, many fans were thrilled to learn that Swift could now be comforted in the arms of her boyfriend. One fan happily wrote, “Finally, she can get the hug she needs from Travis! He’ll make it all better! She did have a good ending in São Paulo with Ana‘s family coming to the show. I bet that was very comforting and healing for her. She’s going to have a wonderful holiday and New Year’s with her man!”

However, others felt uncomfortable with the lack of privacy the couple faced. For instance, one Swiftie stated, “You people need to get a life. Stalking a poor woman’s jet. The hell’s the matter with y’all? Just leave her and Travis alone. They face enough scrutiny in the press without all of you stalking them every where they go…