Exclusive: The Chiefs’ player deftly maneuvering his Rolls to avoid a collision with the furry creature on his way to Arrowhead Stadium, just before

Interestingly, Kelce’s misspelling of “squirrel” became a source of playful teasing from his brother, Philadelphia Eagles player Jason Kelce.

Recently, old tweets from 2011 surfaced, where Travis expressed excitement about giving a ‘squirle’ a piece of bread.

Reflecting on his past social media posts, Kelce admitted to both misspelling “like a jacka***” and using Twitter “like a diary.”

However, this morning’s encounter with the squirrel ended with just a fright, sparing the little creature from any harm.

As Taylor Swift jetted off to New York City on Tuesday for an early birthday celebration with friends at the exclusive members club Zero Bond, her boyfriend.

Travis Kelce, remained in Kansas, focusing on his podcast and preparations for the upcoming Chiefs game against the Patriots this weekend.

Swift, who marked her 34th birthday, departed yesterday morning after a brief visit to Kansas, where she witnessed Kelce and the Chiefs in a closely contested game against the Buffalo Bills, resulting in a controversial 20-17 loss.

Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end, Travis Kelce, had a heart-stopping moment during his routine drive to practice early on Wednesday, encountering an unexpected obstacle in the form of a squirrel.