EXCLUSIVE: Swifties Engage in Wild Speculations About What Taylor Swift’s Nails at Golden Globes 2024 Could Mean

Pop sensation and master of hidden messages Taylor Swift sent fans into a flurry of curiosity when she made what Swifties think is a hidden statement at the Golden Globes 2024. While her gorgeous green Gucci gown and hands studded with diamonds certainly stole the show, Swifties were enthralled with her long, glittering talon nails.

Swift, who is renowned for her painstaking attention to detail and love of including Easter eggs in her work, has had fans analyzing every facet of her look. The singer, whose usual nail length is short, chose an attention-grabbing manicure with lengthy tips. Swifties were giddy with excitement and intrigue about this change from her typical manner, Cosmopolitan reported.

Given that she similarly styled her nails in the 2017 Look What You Made Me Do video, the entire outfit had a snake theme and suggested that Reputation (Taylor’s Version) may be the song she releases next. Some Swifties on X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok also think that her nails suggest a significant change in her personal life is about to happen.

One TikToker surmised, “Guys, her nails are done, like tips. I’m gonna assume that she probably, most likely did not do it herself. She never has her nails done. She never has her nails done! You might be thinking that’s an insane thing to freak out about and it means nothing, but…” as she waved her finger across the camera.

In an interview with Marie Claire, Lisa Peña Wong, Taylor Swift’s nail artist, shared some details on how the intricate manicure was made. Wong explained that it was a personalized silver halo manicure over a bare almond nail and that the 34-year-old singer likes glitter and did her own manicures while on tour.

But Wong has had the honor of working with Swift for the last three years, demonstrating the uniqueness of the situation. “[Taylor] loves glitter and this was a custom silver halo look over a nude almond nail,” she shared.