Though Travis and Jason Kelce play for different teams, they were born teammates for life.

“We stay together and try to help each other as much as we can,” Donna tells PEOPLE of her sons amid their respectively busy NFL schedules.

When speaking about her latest partnership with Heluva Good!, Donna Kelce tells PEOPLE exclusively about what’s kept her family so close over the years amid her sons’ respectively busy schedules as professional NFL athletes.


“We’re very, very small. We’re tight-knit,” Donna tells PEOPLE exclusively of her brood. “We stay together and try to help each other as much as we can.”

The mother of two broke down her family tree, explaining that her brother and her husband’s sister didn’t have any children. Therefore, Donna says, it was “just the two boys” — to which she admits, “growing up they used to yell at me because they didn’t have any cousins to play with on Christmas.”

Therefore, Donna and her boys always had each other’s backs. “We stay together and try to help each other as much as we can,” she says.

However, she concedes that the extend of how much family time they get to enjoy together isn’t what it used to be due to Travis’ schedule as tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and Jason’s busy life as center for the Philadelphia Eagles with three kids.

Obviously, football has gotten in the way and they both have their own very, very full lives,” says Donna, who’s sure to note that she’s “very, very happy that they get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.” The proud mom adds, “It’s a tough ride to get to where they are right now.”

There’s no denying that football bonds the family, despite the Kelce brothers playing for different teams. Donna’s schedule is also jam-packed, as she makes a point to travel to as many games as she can to support her sons — even if that means traveling almost.

Football aside, Donna says “food” and “friends” are what bonds the Kelce family, since that’s what they “all have in common.” She’s sure to mention “grandchildren” as another bonding point, referencing Jason and his wife Kylie’s three daughters: Wyatt, Elliotte and Bennett.