Brittany Mahomes Cheers for Little Bronze as He Wrestles His sister Sterling Skye in Latest Adorable Video; “Let the Wrestling Begin”

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes keep their fans well-acquainted with all the exciting updates of their lives, and also occasionally share glimpses of their private lives with their two adorable kids. They once again decorated this exciting time of their lives with a celebration—the first wonderful and joyful birthday celebration for their son.

In the latest update, Brittany Mahomes, recently took to Instagram to share a glimpse into her home. The video captured her kids, Sterling and Bronze, wrestling together in the most adorable way.

The video, captioned “Let the wrestling start “, suggests the siblings are conducting lighthearted wrestling, with Brittany offering a playful commentary. She was heard encouraging Bronze with a playful “Get away, get away” as he tried to engage with his older sister.

The love and warmth in the Mahomes family are best displayed in the video. The video also highlights the innocence and joy the kids, as siblings, have for each other. Brittany has always proven herself to be a wonderful mom. In this video, she is not only shooting the video passively but also involved with the kids, supporting them in their gameplay.

The couple’s dedication to their family is very well displayed in the video. As Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews, the high school sweethearts, stepped into parenthood, they embraced their roles wholeheartedly.