An Insider Is Singing a Different Tune About Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s Romantic Future

As much as everyone and their mothers want a fairy tale wedding between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, it seems like that’s not in the near future. While sources originally claimed that the pair were gearing up to get engaged this summer, close insiders are singing a different tune about their romantic future. Don’t worry; there’s no sign of a breakup, but there’s also no sign of a wedding ring this early.

Page Six originally reported that Kelce and Swift have held off on getting engaged on Christmastime or Valentine’s Day due to public opinion, but claimed their one-year anniversary would be the time they’d get engaged. “Taylor and Travis discussed it and there is a plan,” the outlet claimed. “They will get engaged on their one-year anniversary in July.”

However, close insiders shut that rumor down real quickly.

“Travis and Taylor have no plans on getting engaged this summer,” the insider said to Us Weekly. “Things between them are going amazing, but they haven’t even been together for a year yet and still have so much to learn about each other.”

The insider noted that while they believe their families would be over the moon if it happened soon, they’re not taking that major step “anytime soon.”

And hey, it’s all up to them! Some couples get engaged after only a few months, and some wait for years upon years. Each couple knows what’s best for them and their relationship, and we’re just happy Swift and Kelce seem as happy as ever!