5 Reasons why NFL Blames Taylor Swift as Chiefs slumped to their fourth loss of the season

he Kansas City Chiefs suffered their fourth defeat of the 2023/24 NFL season as their bid to defend their title as Super Bowl champions hits a rocky road. With Taylor Swift once again in attendance, they lost 27-19 so is she no longer a good luck charm for Travis Kelce’s team?

The Chiefs gave up a minimum of six points in every quarter of the contest at Lambeau Field whilst the offense only managed to score over three points in two of the quarters, in a disappointing night for Patrick Mahomes’ outfit.

What didn’t help them was the officials, who got a crucial no-call on pass interference that denied the Missouri team a chance to rescue the contest in Wisconsin in their final drive of the game.

Carrington Valentine seemingly obstructed Marquez Valdes-Scantling at the five-yard line, which should have resulted in a penalty for the Chiefs, but the referees either didn’t see it or chose not to call it.

As if it couldn’t get bad enough, Andy Reid had to watch one of his key defensive components suffer an ankle injury as Bryan Cook attempted to stop AJ Dillon.

The defensive back’s ankle contorted in an awkward manner underneath him as he engaged the Packers’ running back, with the fallout leaving him rolling in pain on the ground.

He was assessed by medical teams but had to be withdrawn by a cart in what isn’t a good situation, he even appeared to be crying. He did not return to the game and the fall could be a season-ender so watch for updates from MARCA.