13 Ways Taylor Swift Staked Her Claim This Year As The Monarch Of All Media

First thing’s first: Happy birthday, Taylor Swift!

Closing out a year that has seen the now 34-year-old superstar score nothing but touchdowns, the shindig beau Travis Kelce has planned Wednesday night in New York City promises to be quite the celebration.

And well it should be.

With a record-breaking tour that brought in more than $1 billion so far and became a major force in the American economy this summer, a blockbuster concert film that circumvented Hollywood, and the potential to be a top player in next year’s presidential election, Swift has proven beyond any doubt this year that she is the Monarch of All Media.

Having snared a Golden Globes nomination this week for her Eras Tour concert flick in the new, crowd-pleasing Cinematic and Box Office Achievement category, multiple Grammy winner Swift is well poised to find herself at the Oscars too next year if present trends continue.

The fact is, marketed and pitched to near perfection on almost every platform there is, no one in 2023 captured the imagination, the zeitgeist and the credit cards the way Swift did. Or, to put it another way, in America, no one and nothin’ is bigger than the NFL — except Taylor Swift.

Why? Because Swift in a private box cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs’ Kelce is what the league turns the TV cameras to when they want to boost ratings. Which is part of why 2023 is a long way from Swift’s POV on “New Romantics,” from her album 1989, when she sang, “I could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me.”